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Fitness Saved Her Life

Battling through depression, Massy Arias said fitness saved her life. Fitness became a way to find release and therapy. Her hope is to make a life-changing impact, and help women feel better about themselves. There is more to fitness than six-pack abs and body-weight, and she wants to show the world how fitness can also positively influence your mental health and contribute to self-acceptance.
Massy Arias, is an inspiring fit latina from the Dominican Republic. She moved to the United States when she was thirteen years old. Arias is a personal trainer, motivator and activist for women's rights.
Depression is one hell of a thing to go through. Have you found happiness through fitness? Massy Arias' story is inspiring because she talks about something that's still so taboo to talk about, but so many people suffer through it. Fitness can build a stronger mind and heal many wounds. I can certainly relate to her story.

Watch her story here.

I love this so much. She's so inspiring, and what she says about body image is so true. I can definitely relate to her story, and I've found that everyone I know who has pulled themselves out of depression has been able to find a positive outlet, and I feel like it doesn't get any more body positive than fitness and good health.
Definitely! I can relate to her story. There's just something about fitness that mold your mind to a happier, healthier one. I love her story. It's very honest.
What a fantastic role model!
WOW. She's so amazing! I'm really glad she's speaking out about such an important issue. There's such a stigma against mental illness that keeps people from getting help. I'd love to learn more about the connection between physical health and mental health.
Damn. She is RIPPED! She looks sooo amazing. I would love to have a body like that someday :) I think regular exercise is one of the most surefire way to be happier. The endorphins help, obviously, but something about using your body for what it was MEANT to do... it just feels good :)