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Boil beet in some water Once its boiled, take out the extract water and let it cool down a bit then put it in a spray container After washing your hair, spray the extract water on the parts of the hair you want to dye Et voilaa! you'll get pinkish/Violet hair
it all depend on the color you want, if you want light pink you need to rinse your hair slightly after five minutes then style it your way if you want a strong color then do as I described in the card
@Sophiaferra Please do! I can't really see a change, maybe a before and after would be helpful, too?
at first it was dark pink/violet but I wanted it to be really light so I rinsed my hair and ended up with the color you can see on my picture (the picture I posted on this card) I will post another picture of the dark and light colors if you want?
I second what @PiratePower said!
so cool!
How did your hair turn out?