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*****TRIGGER WARNING***** this post will be about eating disorders.
If you haven't heard what thinspo is, don't google it. I'll just tell you and save you the heart break. Thinspo is an online community that went viral on platforms such as tumblr, and became a support group to foster eating disorders.
Taggs alongside with thinspo, such as pro-ana (pro anorexia) offer support to others with eating disorders in ways of hunger shaming, body shaming and furthering others already terrible relationship with food.
Here are just a few examples.
Cultivating the idea that food is poison rather then a necessary part of a healthy, happy body is one of the main problems. People who suffer from eating disorders believe that anything over their mandated calorie intake will lead to weight gain.
Comparing food to poison only furthers this idea.
Not only is food the enemy, but people who give into their hunger or break their starvation streak have posts like this to easily convince them they are worthless, have no will power, and are ugly. This post only leads to bingeing and even lower self esteem.
This is not the "support" people need ever, let alone while struggling with body image.
Because the idea that you should feel pain looking in the mirror is all too common, but should not be widely accepted, let alone make up excuses as to why the hate exists.
Tumblr has since tried to ban this community by taking down pictures tagged with thinspo but the users have made secret, less obvious hashtags and unfortunately the community is still thriving.
These hardcore Thinspo bloggers also give obsessive tips to "help" others with eating disorders change their every waking behavior into calorie counts and losing as many as possible.
Here are just a few of the tips.
Post like these also include shaking your legs to burn up to 10 more calories an hour, or the math to prove that 1000 jumping jacks a day helps you lose 1 pound a week.
The eating disorder community needs a support group, however this is not the one. Eating disorders are the deadliest mental illness and having a community that festers the sickness and negativity will only make it harder for people to seek help.
Thankfully most thinspo is being flushed out by amazing body positivity/self love movements. Hopefully these movements can change the way society views beauty and things like thinspo can slowly up surely lose its impact.
If you need help in anyway please call: Eating Disorders Center 1-888-236-1188.
Brb following that now. Nice work!!
Thank you for addressing this in such a fearless way! Great post.
@TessStevens THANKS!! you are the greatest hope you enjoy it and if you have any topic requests feel free to send them my way!
@TessStevens thanks so much! i have a body positivity collection and when i would try and find media i would always stumble upon thinspo which is terrible!