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Time for some happy Big Bang news!
Big Bang just released the teaser image for their next song in the MADE series. Seems like they're done with the party vibe and about to steal fan hearts with a lovely romantic song called "If you."
I really needed this teaser after learning about the crazy GD rumors!
Can't wait for July 1st! ^_^
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Oh God. I am so excited! Kinda wish I hadn't seen the teaser though lol I am not known for being patient XD (༶ૢ˃̵̑◡˂̵̑༶ૢ)
I'm really excited! I have a feeling this is going to be great. I actually kind of prefer their slower songs.
I am so glad you guys are so excited!!! And LOL, @MattK95, that'll be quite a sight! Hahaha.
so excited for this !!!! 😃😃😃
@DianaCastaneda Yay!!! ^_^