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This week was beautiful in more than one way and I can give all the thanks in the world to my eyeliners and lip liners.

Is it just me or do the weeks literally fly by? I feel like it was just Monday and now here we are face to face with Friday. As of late, I've been really into creating an ombre lip to go with pretty much every look. It's easy, it's chic and it's fun. I've learned over the years that when it comes to makeup, you can improvise and improvisation has become my best friend.
When it comes to creating the perfect ombre lip this week, the majority of my products used were lip liners. The joys of creativity. If you're interested in trying out an ombre lip, but all you have are eyeliners, fear not -- it can be done. Let's take a trip down memory lane while I present to you the amazing beauty products that helped me make this week beautiful.

Beauty Fave #1: Brown Eyeliner

My brown eyeliners by Wet N' Wild are my holy grail. Most would use this product for their eyes, but I love using my brown eyeliner to line and fill in my lips. Because brown is such a neutral shade, it works great as both a liner and as a transition color when doing a ombre lip. Mix this liner with a beautiful pink or nude to achieve a beautiful mix of colors.

Beauty Fave #2: Black Eyeliner

Smolder by MAC is such a rich black eyeliner and because of that it makes for a great color to work with when doing ombre. Whether mixing with a red for a beautiful burgundy or a pink and purple for an array of colors, black eyeliner works as a great lip product.

Beauty Fave #3: Red Liner

To be creative and switch things up. I had initially purchased a red lip liner by Jordana for my lips to mix with my red lipstick, but I ended up using the red liner as an eyeliner an fell in love. I have seen many models have red eyeliner on the runway, but I never gave it a try for myself and I am officially hooked. It takes some getting used to, but it adds the perfect amount of edge and style to your look.
I need to try that brown liner tip.
Yesssss try it!!!! Brown liner saves lives! @danidee