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For most of my life, music has been the thing that I am most passionate about.
For most of my life, I have convinced myself that I am incapable of actually making any music of my own.
But for a brief (and ill-fated) foray into the universe of the piano in my early teens, I've never been able to do much of anything with instruments. Which is odd, because I know that I have a really good ear for music - at least, that's what I pride myself on.
And when I talk to people about music, it eventually comes up that I don't know how to play a damned thing, and I get embarrassed. So I'm putting an end to that.

This is a public declaration:

I am learning to play the guitar.
There. I said it. Now, I have no choice. People are watching. Right?
I can't really say why it's taken me so long to realize this, but the reality is that while I say I have no musical ability, I haven't actually ever tried. Yes, I played the piano for a few years. But I hated it, because that's not the kind of music that I like. The guitar is.
I dug out my mom's old guitar - the one she claims to have bought some time in the mid-'70s - and started familiarizing myself with it. I'm taking it slow - I literally don't have the first idea of what to do. I found an online class (thank you internet) that I'm hoping will do a good job at teaching me.
I started to learn the language and posture last night, just sitting on the floor with the guitar in my lap. When I first picked it up, I felt so uncomfortable, so awkward. I couldn't get my arms right.
But after only half an hour, it started to feel more natural. Sure, my back hurt a little from being in a strange, unfamiliar position, but the guitar started to feel OK in my hands. And I learned how to hold a pick. And what a fret is. It was an encouraging, if slow, start.
I'm committed to this. It's going to be hard, and I may not be ready to play a single note for a week. But I know that things like this take time, and I'm prepared to dedicate some real hours to figuring it out. I don't have an end goal, outside of just being able to competently make some sounds with a guitar. That's all I want - and if I can get there, I'll be one happy man.


Does anyone have a good website with tricks and tips? Or any pointers of your own? Anything and everything helps!
I'll keep you guys posted!
@wolpht @jeff4122 I wish this stuff existed when I was learning haha I had to settle for guitar magazines :)
Songsterr is a great site to play+learn songs. take your time too, haste makes waste
@jeff4122 just don't get discouraged :)
@jeff4122 it's a good thing you found some internet lessons, that should help a lot. a little bit of advice, try to keep your posture straight as you're able when your sitting, your back will tell you when it's not good and let your fret hand relax if your wrist starts to hurt. and don't get discouraged if you can't learn something fast enough. it'll come with practice
The way I learned and got much better at it was by playing songs I really liked. has a bunch of guitar tabs for songs, and if you want to get into chords they're usually displayed nicely. It's great if sheet music isn't your thing too. Best of luck, man!
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