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A statement necklace is a great way to make a casual look dressier, a simple look edgier, and a classic look funkier. Plus, in the hot months of summer, you may need to rely on statement accessories to add style and excitement to your go-to sundresses, rompers, and tank top-cutoff shorts combos. All of the following necklaces are a great way to go, and are all under $50, so you won't break the bank accessorizing!
Collars pair well with plunging necklines or strapless cuts. They aren't as inherently dramatic as chokers, but are still a bold way to draw attention to your neck and shoulders.
This Ashton collar necklace from Nastygal.
This necklace from Topshop.
Chokers are very 90's, and also very in right now. While you can go with the "tattoo" chokers seen everywhere, a more sophisticated take is a metal or gem-adorned choker, which will add some spice to a simple cami or button-up.
This necklace from Topshop.
This Veena Lariat choker from Nastygal.
This Suzywan choker from ASOS.
Pendants are always easy to wear, and add something extra if you're wearing a simple tee. Don't pair it with something that has a lot of embellishment, because a pendant that drops nearly to your bellybutton should speak for itself.
This necklace from ASOS.
This necklace from ASOS.
Angular and geometric necklaces in wood add an earthy touch to an edgy cut. They pair well with floral sundresses and more feminine pieces, to dress them down and tone down the sweetness.
This necklace from Topshop.
This necklace from H&M.
Gems and Stones
If you're attracted to shiny rocks and gemstones, pretty much any kind of necklace will have them. They instantly dress up what you're wearing, so pair a jeweled necklace with a dress if you want to wear it for night, or to add some sparkle to a simple silky tank.
This necklace from Topshop.
This Warehouse necklace from ASOS.
If you love the look of necklaces layered, but don't know how to put them together yourself, opt for a necklace that comes in layers and trick everyone into thinking you're a creative genius. It's an inherently casual style, so add some funk to a simple tee or sundress.
This Raina necklace from Nastygal.
This layered choker from Topshop.
Quirky & Colorful
Colorful statement necklaces look sort of like edgy friendship bracelets, in that they have a certain "DIY" feel but still look cool. Add some color to a monochrome outfit, or spice up a boring shift dress with one of these babies.
This necklace on sale at Zara.
This crochet necklace from Topshop.
This necklace also on sale at Zara.
This summer, a statement necklace might be the only layering piece you can stand to wear in the heat. Find a bold option (or two) that fits your style, and let it look fashion-forward for you!
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Great collection! Statement necklaces are everything. Can make any outfit instantly pop.