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When you start deadlifting, you'll start to realize that there will be a blood bath between your shins and that barbell. The barbell is supposed to have some contact with your shins, and it ain't all kisses and hugs. When I was in powerlifting, blood on a barbell was totally normal, I thought that was totally gross and unsanitary. One of my first buys were deadlifting socks.
There are some ways you can prevent or reduce your skin from ripping during deadlifts. You can either buy knee-length socks, or you can just wear pants.
I learned my lesson after trying to deadlift with no shin protection. It was a bloody mess!
Protect your body. Weight lifting doesn't need to be gory and painful. Knee-length socks are relatively cheap, running from about $7 - $12. Moxy Socks have very cool, original design socks that you can buy. Their socks run for about 10 bucks.

Happy lifting!