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Drake is always pretty tough on documentaries, but this one if pretty cool and he seems behind it.
Recently Drake crafted a documentary with FADER & Sprite. After watching the piece, you can tell why Drake is on another level than any musician right now. "I’m not worried about these other rappers, I’m not competing with those guys," he says. "I already know their hand, I know their move. I study everything. I’m worried about the kid that’s sitting in his house that wants to be better than me and all those guys. That’s who I’m competing with."
Episode One of the documentary series features a rare interview with the OVO head honcho. During the sit down, Drake discusses internet culture and rap's increasingly level playing field. I love how Drake understands the importance of wrapping up your hometown first, and then moving out with the music. “Do it the way I did it," he says. "Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that's all it takes."
Drake really changed the way people viewed of rap artists from outside of America. I credit Drake for making Toronto a staple in the rap culture. I am super excited to see what part of Drake’s life they focus on next, and who makes a special guest appearance to drop knowledge.