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Mail-order coffee. It’s the new trend in getting your favorite coffee flavors and brews. You can sample your favs, and choose your beans, and they come straight to your door in a box! Beans in a box! What could be better than that?!

1. Driftaway Coffee

This Brooklyn-based company lets you sample before you make your order. Choose from a variety of flavors...including fruity, classic, balance, and bold. Pick your favs, and they’ll personalize a box just for you.

2. Bean Box

Bean Box is a bunch of your favorite bean flavors from one of the most trendy places to get coffee: Seattle. The hipster of all coffee go there to pick up their batch...but this way you don’t have to! Get your favorite blends in a box.

3. Mistobox

Essentially you sign up and explain your coffee preferences, a special curator makes a list and send you a box of perfect coffee yum. It gives you a complete background of the coffee, where it was harvested and what type of variety. You get the whole bean-related history in your package.

4. Craft Coffee is a similar process as the others, except you really get to personalize how much you want, and it will send you a box every month-- depending on how much you drink. They also only use craft brews from the United States. So it’s all roasted in the U.S.
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THIS PACKAGING IS SO CUTE. And I feel like part of the reason they are is because chances are everyone that works for this company is highly caffeinated. :)