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Jeon Jungkook the Adult (eng sub)
ughhh i wondered what he said im so curious ..............i bet anything that is was inappropriate.........i love how jimin hit kookie tho like what are you thinking hahaha ^u^
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@xoxoaudra98 right i love how they reacted to what he said
2 years ago·Reply
@B1A4BTS5ever it had to been something inappropriate, Ughh I'm dying right now I need to know what he said T-T
2 years ago·Reply
What tastes good in Busan? Jungkookie.
2 years ago·Reply
They are SO ADORABLE! and HAHAHA @ShettyMo XD
2 years ago·Reply
Personally I want to know, but also don't want to know what he said. But this video is hilarious!
2 years ago·Reply