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Awesome! Somehow I've always known that styrofoam and cats were a toxic mix and I've just avoided bringing the stuff into my house. Seeing this photo... I totally regret that decision now. LOL.
@TerrecaRiley - (whispers) I'm sorry you hate cats... in all reality I've found that any animal (warm blooded... I've had reptiles and they truly don't respond to affection - they are purely instinctual) responds well to kindness. I've met many people who didn't like cats for one reason or another that after being introduced to my cats have a change of heart. I hope that one day you experience a great moment with a cat and you change you mind. until then I totally respect your feelings and thoughts and thank you for your comments! ♡
@JonPatrickHyde What a loving cat-dad ^^ I think that's sweet that you don't want to scar your cats for life lol. Zeph and Fafoutis – what grand names! I hope the cats live up to them. :D
@allischaaff - Ha! That'd be pretty funny - but truthfully I spend a lot of time building an extremely strong sense of trust with my children (cats) and I know this would only freak them out... so this is why I've never brought anything like this into my home. Now - if it was to have happened accidentally, that would be something totally different. LOL. It's a funny photo for sure. Zeph and Fafoutis get into plenty of mischief without my assistance. :D
Omg, he looks like a cat from outer space. A Lady Gaga cat.
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