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@JonPatrickHyde I love the names (whispers) and I hate cats... sorry
this is funny though... I LOLed
@TerrecaRiley - (whispers) I'm sorry you hate cats... in all reality I've found that any animal (warm blooded... I've had reptiles and they truly don't respond to affection - they are purely instinctual) responds well to kindness. I've met many people who didn't like cats for one reason or another that after being introduced to my cats have a change of heart. I hope that one day you experience a great moment with a cat and you change you mind. until then I totally respect your feelings and thoughts and thank you for your comments! ♡
@JonPatrickHyde I don't show them that though, that's why I whispered. I don't want them to hear. I'll never abuse them for the simple reason that people love them and I love the people that love them.
omg, poor thing! his face is just like: seriously? you take picture now? this is not the time. help. me. plz...plzzzz..... you jerks.