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1.One More
FIESTAR really take it from cute, and filled with inuendo, to just straight up sexy concept this time, and although the MV might have you feeling a little bit pervy, peeking through keyholes, its not quite as awkward as their last MV XD

FIESTAR - One More

Okay so the firt time I heard this I honestly thought they were talking about wanting to"cough"... well I think you get the idea, one more time, but after examining the lyrics, it turns out this is actually more closely linked to Britteney Spears song "3" as it is actually about adding one more person... still doesn't change the fact this song is catchy as hell, and has a wicked beat XD I absolutely love it ^^ They all looking incredible in their spray on pants XD
And of course they all sound incredible, and as always Yezi is totally fierce ^^
Credit to the owner of this Video ^^
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Omg is that really what this song is about??
Spray on pants XD hahahaha Yezi is always fierce!! Totally love the song it's so freakin catchy!
@danidee yup XD