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Yes, you have your Big Bang favorite already...but who would be your Big Bang best friend? Time to find out!
What's your usual outfit style?
A. Classy and dressed-up
B. Sporty and casual
C. Flashy and formal
D. Casual and comfortable
E. All over the place
Which of the following do would you most describe yourself as?
A. Sensitive
B. Laid back
C. Confident
D. Funny
E. Talkative
If your best friend described you, you would probably be...
A. The goofball
B. The quiet one
C. The fashionista
D. The comedian
E. The energetic one
Who's your Big Bang bias? (This is super important!)
A. Daesung
B. G-Dragon
C. Seungri
D. Taeyang
Ready to find out who it'll be?
BONUS: You might get your own TOP-designed furniture!
BONUS: You can borrow clothes from his entire wardrobe (mostly tank-tops)!
BONUS: Learn about designer brands and potentially hit exclusive red carpet shows!
BONUS: He'll probably take you with him on a variety show...Running Man anyone?
BONUS: He will steal your Panda plushies and reveal all your secrets...wait, that's not a bonus!
Who's your Big Bang bestie? Mine is...TOP! Does this mean I also get to be besties with Daesung by default? Yay! ^_^
I got TAEYANG! But I would have been fine with anyone. ;D
I'm with @PassTheSuga I had a different one each time XD they all ma besties ^^
@stevieq Lol Samesies! I got a different letter every time so T.O.P furniture, YB's wardrobe, red carpet with GD, Running Man with Dae, and getting the dirty laundry outted by V.I....we get all the perks!! We're just that cool ( の •̀ ∀-)و
I guess their all my bestie too @PassTheSuga I chose one letter for every question and it was a different letter every time lol
his name is T to the A and E Y to the ANG 😀 haha GD is my bias tho but taeyang as a bff sounds cool
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