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When were up against blank spaces it's easy to run away. Looking down at a blank page, a clear calendar can be the most daunting thing on the planet.
When were busy we often feel the most productive right? When our calendar is full we've got it all figured out.
I've always felt guilty about having free time, like its a sin to relax or just sit and watch TV. The little things like going to a concert, or having lunch with a friend often seemed like chores to me. The best things in life are the things you don't appreciate in the moment, but look back on fondly.
I'm not sure if other people have these thoughts, but the idea of not using time wisely always gets to me. But I still carry on watching Netflix and reading for leisure, talking on the phone and doing things that have nothing to do with work.
I think that my pension for working myself too hard for me to the point where it was mandatory for me to slow down. When time ticks too quickly and were racing it even faster, we can't possibly notice all the little details that just might make life amazing. Those funny moments I've spent with my family, and the car rides with loud music and off key singing are the things I'll remember when I get on the plane to New York in four days.
I know all of that "stop and smell the roses" stuff seems like bullshit, but it's real. I look back and think of all the times I let work and being exhausted from it take away from my life and I wonder what could have been. I don't have regrets, only forward motion to not recreate my mistakes.
I've committed myself to starting over in New York City with an entirely different goal than just working myself to the bone. It'll be to actually live, and take in the things around me. That will not only make my work better, but make me a better person.
So when you must choose between having a life and having some extra hours at work, you might want to think again because if your journey is of only monetary value or for productivity, it'll be an empty one. Taking the time to appreciate the little things may be cliche, but it's necessary to recognize the importance of it.