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History was made today when the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal in the United States. To celebrate, let's reminisce about some of the cutest same-sex relationships on TV.
Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family define the phrase "opposites attract". As a sarcastic, controlling person, I totally identify with Mitchell in the relationship and love the counterbalance that Cam brings as the more sappy and sentimental partner. It makes for an adorable, but totally believable (and enviable) couple.
Okay, this couple is a little bit unbelievable because the two are SO different, but I rooted for them to end up together throughout most seasons of Sex and the City. At first, they totally hated each other, proving that love at first sight is not always true, and I think that makes them more realistic than plenty of TV couples.
Honestly how any couple survives the drama that Shonda Rhimes creates on Grey's Anatomy is beyond me. Torres and Arizona got through death, car accidents, PLANE ACCIDENTS and whatever other twisted stuff Shonda came up with, proving that they could get through anything.
Kurt and Blaine handled coming out in high school together on Glee. While their teenage wedding might have been a bit hasty in my opinion, their relationship is an important one because of the following that Glee has. Reaching a younger generation, Glee has an influence on an entirely different generation than a lot of these other shows.
One of the first same-sex couples on TV, Tara and Willow made some important social commentary before a lot of other series. In many ways, this couple opened the door for all the other couples on my list.