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Move over Queen B...Someone has out-earned you.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are officially out earning the biggest power couple in the world, Jay-Z and Beyoncé! With a combined total, Swift and Harris combined worth is an estimated $146 million, according to Forbes. Beyoncé and Jay-Z only pulled in $110.5 million this year.
Both couples makes so much money that the total doesn't even matter. However the women rake in more than their partners. Beyoncé is in the top spot for highest paid female entertainer with Swift in second. Calvin Harris has been the highest paid DJ for the past two years now.
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton come in at third combining together to make a total of $57 million. Not too shabby.
Would you really care who was richer if you made that much money?
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I feel like once you get past a certain point, the extra money doesn't really matter. They are so rich anyway that it doesn't really matter who wins in that contest. Go women for making more than the men! :)