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Top 3: "Come Together" covers
"Come Together" probably figures as a favorite Beatles song for lots of folks. It's definitely somewhere near the top for me - it's got some of the real rock elements that The Beatles didn't always show, the lyrics are strange and awesome, and it's got room for an outstanding vocalist to really show off.
All of that means that it lends itself very well to a cover. Let's check out the three best versions.
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Michael Jackson

I'm just in a Michael Jackson mood these days, after having celebrated his career yesterday. But personal biases aside, this cover is awesome. It pairs two of the most memorable sounds in music of all time: The Beatles' instrumentation with Michael Jackson's voice. I'm a big fan.
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Diana Ross

Ah, Diana Ross.
As I said before, part of what I love about this song is that it rocks pretty hard. So, generally, I think it lends itself better to a male vocalist, or someone with a little bit of grunge in them. That said, this is Diana Ross we're talking about here, so it's OK. She does a great job. The unmistakably disco-era backup singers add a really nice touch.
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Elton John

Always one for theatrics, Elton John delivers in this cover. I've actually never heard him sound quite like this - his voice takes a pretty awesome turn toward almost an American blues style. I didn't know he was capable of that, and it's pretty impressive. The piano sounds great, too.
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