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Want to know how to make a smoothie without sugar, sweeteners, or honey?
Well lucky for you, I am here to tell you how you can get that sweet smoothie without the additional sugars.

Ready for it?

You'll need RIPE bananas.

The Science Behind It:

As the banana ripens, complex sugars convert into simple sugars. This alters the taste of the banana, making it sweeter. The sugars in the banana do not increase, they are just broken down and converted into glucose. Yay natural fruit sugars!

But how about calories?!

The amount of calories in a ripe banana and unripe banana are the same.

Do yourself a favor and buy ripe bananas instead.

I love using bananas as the 'sweetness' source in my smoothies. And then I add a nice big handful of blueberries. :)
yasss the only fruit i really like lol @jordanhamilton
@danidee YAAAAAAS blueberries are the absolute best thing to mix with bananas in smoothies ^^
Hands down the best fruit!!!
Yummmmm! Obsessed with bananas!
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