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Victoria Beckham anounced last month that she would be merging her lower-budget collection, Victoria Victoria Beckham with her denim line, and a glimpse at the first collection for next year was just released today. The Pre-Spring 2016 collection preview shows that the line is an aesthetic breakaway from her usual sleek and sophisticated designs, but creatively intriguing all the same. Beckham noted that the inspiration for the collection was the circus.
Other pieces from the collection are fresh and youthful but bear the same sophistication we could almost see from the higher priced Victoria Beckham line. The pairing of this crisp white top with the sassy embellished denim is genius, giving us a high-low feel to what actually is a quite luxurious line, hopefully with modest price points.
The standout looks from the collection are straight out of a posh-approved circus, with angular lines and mod silhouettes, but enough silliness to appeal to younger audiences, and enough whimsy to enchant the fashion world. The painted patterns push the prints beyond simple solids and florals, and I'm excited to be seeing Beckham push her creative edge.
Certain pieces from the collection are more reminicent of a denim collection with ready-to-wear elements that show Beckham's signature sharp tailoring, in a more youthful cut and print. Perhaps as the line progresses, we'll see divisions between high and low, couture and ready-to-wear within certain collections.
For someone who was once a hollywood caricature, Beckham has certainly showed us that she's a serious designer ready to play with the big boys each fashion week. This line, however, reminds us that she can have a playful side, and still make it marketable.
@redridergirl I think her non-circusy pieces are the more wearable ones from the collection, and I love them! The real question is just how low she prices them...
Wow! Quite interesting! Didn't see any circus clothes I would want to wear but looking forward to seeing what she'll come up with! Glad she is dropping prices!