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Dear cosplayers: you are perfect, never change. You're amazingly talented and you look FANTASTIC. I envy your commitment. I want to shine a spotlight on the cosplayers that reimagine our favorite characters through genderbent costumes.

Frankly, you are the heroes that fandom needs, and we probably don't deserve you.

So, this card is for you. I think I'm drawn to costumes like this because they compel me to reimagine what I've bought into. Sure, when I think of Steve Rogers I usually think of Chris Evans, or his body double Leander Deeny. Both actors did incredible work bringing the character to the screen. But what if the traits that I love about the character (his stubbornnes, paasion, and underdog spirit) were superimposed on a woman, or a person of color? Does that change the story in a radical or impossible way? Cosplay by hinosherloki.

How intense is that hair!

Someone has got to tell me how to style a wig like that. The victory rolls are a great touch- it feels so modern, while still remembering the 1940s origin of the character. This costume actually looks really practical to me. Sure, the colors are bright- but it has pockets. I think most ladies can relate to that, right? Seriously, if there were more female superheroes, wouldn't there be a petition to include pockets in the spandex uniforms?

Oh my stars and stripes

I really love Steve Rogers on tour. I know it's goofy and ultimately not where he belongs, but I have a soft spot for the guy that punched Hitler in the face over 200 times. And I have to say, this version of the costume by rose0fmay looks like a perfect replica. I wonder what name this version of the character would have. Sarah- like the original Mrs. Rogers from the comics? Stella?
So when Captain America was first being written, the Irish weren't the most popular folks in America. They had it easier than a lot of minorities for sure, but as recent immigrants they faced very specific discrimination. Captain America became the all-American ideal, but the man he was, Steve Rogers, represented anything but that. He was often ill and disabled, and his family was Catholic, and he was raised by a single mother.

It's time for a new ideal.

America is changing. And that's a good thing! Our heroes should reflect the best of us, shouldn't they? I don't know if that's what cosplayer chongbit was thinking when they designed this. The fun in exploring different versions of the character is asking yourself 'what if'.
Cosplay by the-meeg.

I feel like Steve Rogers would love this.

I mean, I know he's a fictional character. But the point of Captain America is that heroism has nothing to do with where you're born or what you look like. The supersoldier serum turned Steve into a hero because it built upon what was already there (and it turned Schmidt into the Red Skull because he was twisted and cruel).
"The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion." -Erskine, CA:TFA
What do you think? We've seen Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes carrying the shield. Who should be next?
That's a great suggestion @poojas I'll do that next! :D
I LOVE this! Is there going to be a Captain America closet cosplay card? :)