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Okay, so I know I did a Julia Child quote last time, but she just has so many good things to say about food! I love this quote mostly because it validates my existence as someone who LOVES food. Food is my passion. It's pretty much my favorite thing. I like to cook it, but boy, do I love to eat it. And when people don't get that, like when they don't feel the same way, I'm just like... are you even human???
That being said, when other people are passionate about cooking new recipes, trying new exotic foods, and all the experiences that surround eating, I feel an instant connection with them. Loving food gives you so many opportunities to bond! Sitting around a table, at a bar, in a restaurant, on a picnic, at a dinner party, over brunch... because while you're enjoying your food, the only other thing to do is talk!
For example, it's amazing what you can learn about a person when you cook with them. Cooking leads to stories, somehow. Maybe it's because food and stories are two of the most human things around. They're practically woven into our DNA (maybe they are... can any science people back me up here?). I love to cook and eat with my best friends. Cooking dinner can make for a great date.
People who love to eat are the best people, because they just understand me. They love food and they love life. They embrace opportunities to enjoy the world around them. They explore. They savor.
Are you someone who loves food? :) If so, let's be friends!!
I just said "Yes." out loud to my screen when I read this quote. I love food too. Especially if it's from a different culture or so flavorful and healthy at the same time. So good.
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