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I know, I know. No one wants to talk about sweat stains, but let's be serious, everyone gets them and they are absolutely horrible. You have a favorite shirt that you wear all the time and then one day, you notice that it has these disgusting brown or yellow stains in the armpit area. Don't throw your shirt away just yet! You can remove pit stains with one easy household item.

Lemon juice!

Instead of expensive spot removers that might not work, squirt some lemon juice on the area of the fabric that is stained. Then throw your shirt into the wash and wash it like you normally would. The acidity of the lemon juice will remove the stains and you will be left with a beautiful shirt with no sweat stains!
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@MelissaPadilla you're welcome! I always had problems with it too but this is a great trick!
@JordanNash thanks to you I can wear my beautiful t's again!! I have a couple pieces of clothes I have stopped wearing or thrown away because of this.
@TerrecaRiley I'm glad I could help! I used to throw away all the shirts that had stains but now I know they can be saved!
Never knew this could happen. Lol What is this due to? Bad deodorant or excessive sweating?
@aabxo I think that it can be a combination of both. I also think that some clothes and fabrics are more prone to sweat stains than others. It also can do with what you eat because if you eat a lot of toxins, the toxins will come out in your sweat.