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Like most people on Friday afternoons, I get sleepy, unmotivated and unable to think about anything except the weekend. It's a tough time to stay focused at work, so I turn to some of TV's best bosses to give me advice and motivation.
Miranda Bailey is the boss you're terrified of but also want to hug. She rules Seattle Grace in Grey's Anatomy and is known for her inspiring monologues. Listen to anything she says in any episode and I promise you'll want to be a better person, just for her.
If you're looking for someone to tell it like it is, look no further than Ron Swanson. He's simple and motivating, using as few words as possible to instill incredible wisdom.
Ari Gold is just going to scare you into getting stuff done, which is not a bad tactic. He runs Hollywood in Entourage and sure knows how to motivate people, but not without a few expletives.
Jack Donaghy will teach you everything you need to know about professionalism. He's blunt and tough, but it all comes from his ambition. Under his hard exterior, Jack is a great mentor, full of wisdom that helps Liz in her attempt to oversee a staff of idiots.
Michael Scott might not take himself too seriously, but the passion he has for Dunder Mifflin is inspiring enough to motivate anyone. After all, the Scranton branch is always #1 in sales.