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Boys usually have it a lot easier. They don't get pregnant, Dad-Bods are now acceptable, they can send penis pics and never get slut shamed, and they can pretty much pee wherever they want.
But there is one thing boys have that totally sucks. Urinals. The completely unnecessary stand up toilet that redefines redundant. And if you don't believe me, here are the top 3 reasons why urinals suck.
1. There are a lot of unwritten rules that can be broken
There is obviously proper bathroom etiquette that needs to be followed at all times. But throw urinals into the mix and there are a million other unwritten rules that can be broken. Keep one urinal in-between you and another bathroom goer at all times. No weird small talk, just do your business and get out, and absolutely no looking at another mans "special business".
2. The weird small talk
When you do get that rebel rule breaker, the awkward small talk is just completely unnecessary. What could you possibly need to say to a stranger who is currently pants at half mast, peeing?
Here are some of the best from reddit.
"This guy literally leaned over and said: Do you even lift bro? And then left laughing hysterically. WTF man! It was cold in there!"
"I see your schwartz is as big as mine."
Obviously with these really riveting conversations the no peaking rule is usually broken as well.
3. When you need to use the ...GASP stall.
I guess if you're older it doesn't really matter but I'm sure the grade school boys felt super awkward when they got caught needing the stall instead of the urinal. Since you know, back then no one has learned that everybody poops and they shouldn't make fun of people for doing it!
Or even worse, those shy bathroom guys who can't pee in front of people. I'm sure they get teased for their shy doodle...or people just assume they poop a lot.
Being a girl is a lot easier. One option, the best option, Team Stall.
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Girls really do have better bathroom situations. The only thing is that we are shamed for having a natural bodily function in public! Like, excuse me, but I poop just like the rest of you. And that is the reason why I hate public bathrooms. God forbid I have to poop in public! I must be going to Hell for it! Lol I enjoyed this card.
@LizArnone... what i wanna know is how u know so much about the men's restroom lol.
Good point aly
@VictoriaSims i hate getting ppooped shamed!! its like duhhhhhh everybody poops!
@TerriJacopino @alywoah i am an expert on all things bathroom related haha just kidding a lot of my guy friends complain!