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Getting through a gym session can be hard, so this means that we need to remember to lift ourselves up, not tear ourselves down. Positive reinforcement will help you get through a tough workout. When I made a conscious effort to change my negative thoughts to positive, I saw amazing results in how I performed at the gym.

Keep Going

You have 5 minutes left for your run. You're achy, tired, sweaty, and your legs feel like jello -- finish what you came in for. Keep going. Keep running. Drown out the pain, drown out the voice that's telling your to stop. Because you can do it, and part of working out is getting through the mental tug-of-war of giving up.

You Can Do It

When you walk up to your workout and tell yourself that you can't do it, you've already grabbed a front-row seat on failure's back. Even if you couldn't quite lift that weight off the ground today, that's okay. That's not failure, you tried, and through the struggle, you'll be stronger next time. Guaranteed.

You Are Powerful

When you begin to to push yourself at the gym, you'll discover how powerful the human body can become. It takes patience, hard work, and consistency. Do not think for a single second that you are not powerful, because you are. Strive to be better than your yesterday self, not somebody else's today.
It's You vs. You.
very important! we gotta keep moving, even if we're moving slow :) @christy
Yes don't give up