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Another day
another missed call
I told you to stop that shit.
I don't know what you've forgotten
Or maybe you just remember it different
but we fell out for a reason.
Stop pretending, it's over
I don't need you no more, and maybe
I never did in the first place.
All the first hurt is still here
the scent of your liquor-stained breath
the holes in the wall you left.
The lock is changed
but my mind is not
call me again, and I'll call the cops.
Fresh off the presses, this poem of the day is brought to us by Lyric of the Day #20. The song is Too Too Fast, and the band responsible for that song is Ra Ra Riot. Heres the lyric:
"We have forgotten
so much since then
The scent of your breath again
Or maybe it's the way we fell
Don't fall
Stop looking out to pretend
Everything is still there"
@VinMcCarthy you're real good at this. I love the way you manage to maintain the theme of the lyric in your poems but only rarely do you actually include a line from the lyric itself
So this piece took me back to a place & a time. Thanks for this. Beautiful.
This is so emotionally raw and very relatable. I always enjoy your poem of the day.
@jeff4122 thanks, man. I try to avoid using too much of the lyrics, because I don't want any of these poems to be too on-the-nose, or to borrow the poetic nature of the original lines