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Move on over neon and nude nails, it's time to shine the spotlight on pastels.

Pastels are creamy and come in a variety of colors to give your nails a fun, colorful look for the summertime. Tired of the bright yellows and grey tone browns, let's jump in the middle somewhere and fall deep in love with pastel polishes.
Perfect colors for year round, but even better for the summertime. Get ready to get asked, "oh girl, who's that color by?" -- because it's just that serious. If you weren't obsessing over your nails before, you definitely will with these three amazing pastel polishes for that warm summer weather.

Pastel Green: Light green polish is feminine and chic and are the perfect color for the summertime.

Mix and match with some statement jewelry and you'll be making a statement of your own in no time.

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Pastel Purple: Also known as lilac, this light purple shade is beautiful and looks amazing against any complexion.

Run to your nearest nail salon -- now!

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Pastel Yellow: Probably the prettiest shade of yellow ever.

This color screams summer with a capital SUN. Perfect for those warm days you want to show off both your nails and toes.

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this one is not alot of step I will be sure to try this easy.
Yes you should def try it! @precious54