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Job interviews are one thing, but with the rise of digital platforms of communication and hiring practices that don't always occur in the same city, skype and video chat interviews have become far more common. From internet connection lags to poor camera quality, these interviews can be awkward, but your outfit shouldn't affect your chances of landing the job!
Do: wear a blouse you would wear to any office.
Pick something that you can easily dress up or down. It should look formal enough that you could easily wear it with a pencil skirt or with a blazer over it, but also like you could wear it with dark jeans and flats for a polished but casual look for a laid-back office. It doesn't have to be a boring white button-up, and it can have some color, but stay away from anything with a satin finish, as you just don't know how it will look on camera. Be wary of print, as it can always catch the light in an odd way. Stripes, houndstooth, and other could-be optical illusions will mess with the picture on screen, so stay away from those prints.
Don't: wear your most formal combination.
Dressing up for a skype interview is awkward because you're likely skyping from somewhere you wouldn't dress up for. If you wear your best suit in full or a formal dress, you might look awkward and out of place in your own home. Unless you know that the office takes formalwear very seriously, a full suit is unnecessary, and can look like you're trying too hard but don't really know what you're doing. Stick with pieces that are absolutely office appropriate, but don't assume that the office culture is full of suits and high heels. Look professional, not office stereotypical when you aren't even in an office.
Do: wear something you feel comfortable in.
Dressing comfortably means you'll be more confident, and this will come across in your interview. You don't want what you're wearing to be the focus of your interviewer, so wear something you know works for you. This isn't to say wear a loose tee or sweatshirt, just polished pieces that you know and love. If you buy something new for the interview (it's also over skype so probably not necessary), who's to say you won't be tugging at straps or itching in your seat the whole time. Your outfit should be a complement to, not a distraction from, you.
Don't: think it's funny to wear sweatpants (or no pants!)
So it's true that they probably won't see you from the waist down, and a lot of people think it's hilarious to wear a formal top and jacket, with sweatpants or even worse, no pants. It's your little secret, right? But what if someone knocks on your door and you have to stand up, or the connection lags and you have to move your laptop? You never know, but on the off chance that you have to move in front of your screen, your future employer won't be amused by your formal-casual combo. Wear dark jeans or trousers, something they won't be horrified to catch a glimpse of.
Do... keep jewelry elegant and simple.
A pretty necklace or cool earrings can elevate otherwise simple workwear, and can accent your face nicely. That being said, stick to your simpler pieces, and nothing that might be deemed too young or quirky. If edgy jewelry is a big part of your style, stick with something that's eye-catching but not distracting, and stick to classic metals and gemstones in an interesting shape, rather than bright colors, plastic, or other unconventional materials. Those sillier pieces may be great to tone down somber pieces, but they could send the wrong message about how serious you are to the interviewer. Wait until they've hired you!
Do: make sure the room your in has lots of natural light.
This is a general skype interview tip, but the wrong lighting can also mess up how your outfit looks. Shiny earrings suddenly become dangerously bright objects distracting from your face, and that flattering color can suddenly turn sour in flourescent lighting. Aim to set your interview in a room with plenty of natural light coming in.
Good luck out there! It's a tough job market, and you probably don't want to be worrying about your clothes. For other sartorial dilemmas, I got you covered.
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