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I love how his smile is captured in this beautiful painting! (Source)
A vampire Chanyeol? (Source)
I always have to include chibi fanart...it's the cutest! (Source)
The hair and eyes are on point in this one! (Source)
If this is not the coolest Chanyeol fanart out there, I don't know what is...(Source)
Just Chanyeol casually lighting up people's lives. Too cheesy? Sorry. (Source)
He has such a boy-ish face...but he's 22. This doesn't add up. (Source)
And now for my all time favorite...
My dreams have come true. Chanyeol is now a Targaryen King! Any other GoT fans?(Source)
Now that I'm officially inducted into the #theYeolClan (Thanks guys!), I had to share these with all of you! @jiggzy19 @kimikogradon @shashae5296 @christy @harmonico @deemonster100 @jimberlykemp @MrsChanyeol @SakuraBlossom96 @Allyphernelia @aabxo
Hope you guys like these ^_^
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these r all sooo good but I love the colorful one
Hahaha. Welcome @poojas! Thanks for the tag. These are awesome, adorable and everything. #theYeolClan Chanyeol! You're the best!
@poojas Thanks for the tag, this makes my night end on a really good note ^.^ I think we can all agree that #theYeolClan is the best c:
@danidee Aww, you're worried, haha :) @Allyphernelia Chanyeol has that effect on people, doesn't he? @StephanieDuong You should totally make fan art!!! @deemonster100 Glad you like it! :D @jiggzy19 Aww, thank you and I would love to see stick figure fan art :D
@sherrysahar I love them all too! The colorful one is amazing though. @harmonico Absolutely! :D @SakuraBlosson96 Of course! And I'm glad you liked it! Yay #theYeolClan