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Fun Fact
So I have a confession. .......-_- I'm obsessed with taking quizzes. My obsession stemmed from my curiosity of which idol I could be similar to or who is my ideal match and then it kind of broadened. I don't take the quizzes to seriously but I have fun with all of my results.
I did this quiz a couple of times and got all of the results I wanted.....to be honest my first and original answer is the 4th pic but I like all of the results.
Which maknae am I like, well.....it's true I'm exactly like the 2 sometimes
^^ I think I have the right amount of sexy considering the two results.
This quiz totally got my age wrong but I guess I am maturer than I think. And also I should date someone who is the same age as I am right now.....yay...
I am not a boss according to this definition and I am a total wallflower but it's cool at least the quiz thinks I'm like Big Bang oppa
These last 2 are what I had taken recently ^-* Just look at the 2nd one heehee
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OMG. I thought my sisters and I were the only ones that did this... sometimes, we all get on different computers, takes these 'boyfriend' quizzes and compare who we got!! (≧▽≦)