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LOVE this diy for the pool parties this summer! It's so easy, you can make this a few hours before everyone comes over!


(6) 10-foot long 1-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe
(4) 1-inch 3-way PVC connectors
(16) 1-inch PVC T-connectors
(8) 1-inch 45-degree PVC connectors
100-grit sandpaper
220-grit sandpaper
PVC primer
PVC cement
Start by cleaning and sanding the pvc pipe. Just get it clean and smooth.
Cut the pipe into the following lengths:
(4) 30-inch pieces
(12) 38-inch pieces
(8) 2-inch pieces
(14) 4-inch pieces
Assemble the PVC pipes and connectors to make sure everything fits. Use PVC glue to keep everything locked into place.
Assemble the base square by connecting the 38-inch PVC. Put the legs in place by inserting the 30-inch pieces of PVC vertically in each of the four connectors.
All that's left is to connect the top piece to the bottom. And you're done!
Hope your summer is AMAZZZZZZING! Mine is going to be great because I'm Vingling My Summer. Are you?! Check out how mine is going so far here!