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Okay so i have been working on some new Cute Summer Hairstyles. This particular one is best for just out on the town. I have done this hairstyle so many times, mostly during the summer time! I honestly love this style for the not so cold not so hot kinda weather. Just go crazy with it and i would love to see the way you did it and comment more summer hair ideas!!!
This style works way better when your hair is wet. You can use hairspray (of your choice) or Mussè (of your choice) and flip your hair over and basically crip it. How i did the hump is i straightened that peice of hair and i brushed through it and then i teased the back of it, after you tease it you can spray hairspray on it and then pin it off to the side. if you want more volume you can take peices of your hair and just spray underneath it.
Thank you so much i appreciate that!! both of you!! thanks . I will defiantly post more of the process tomorrow.
I do too. its quick and easy and looks amazing!! and thank you so much!! @HairConfetti
You look lovely! I also use this method when I'm on a time crunch.
Love this!! So cute!!!
@SabraWeeks You're so pretty! And I'm so glad you shared this as your first card! Maybe add a few more photos of the process on your next cute hairstyle tutorial. Super jealous of your eyeliner job! <3
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