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Hi all. My first Vingle card here. I have a Youtube channel where I upload "Lets Play" videos of varies games that I play. After a long time, my videos and channel have finally begun getting some growth in views and subscribers etc... Then as I was uplaoding my latest video, a question came into my mind. What is it specifically that we like about watching other people play games? I mean... games are in fact made to entertain the person who plays the game, not necessarily the people watching. As a person who makes these vidoes I am actually really interested in hearing peoples oppinion about this. What do you like/dislike about watching "Let's play" videos? How often do you watch them? What is your oppinion of them? My channel is called "Weasel Bandit Games", feel free to give it a look and let me know if there's something you like or dislike. My theory is that it's all about entertainment, so at least they had better be entertaining. :) Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. :)
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The biggest thing for me is the person who is playing the game. I have to like their personality and their kind of comedy. The second thing for me is, naturally, the video games that they play. For instance, I really like Game Grumps, but every once and a while there will be these times where they play video games that I just don't find interesting. Now, I don't mind that cause they are usually having fun which is the most important thing to me for the Let's Play-er.