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The Hobbit - Character Posters Part 2
Cate Blanchett makes a beautiful elf. Galadriel is so awesome.
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i just thought an elf is supposed to be small lol but she is pretty :)
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so pretty, should i watch it...hmm
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@kangaroojoey I suppose it all depends on the creator. Tolkien's elves were definitely tall and beautiful whereas they might be portrayed as completely different elsewhere. :) @somnia Oh, I hope you give it a go (if you're a fan of fantasy). This is as good as fantasy gets. :D
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i really cant wait to see this but i cant believe they broke it into iinstallments...
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It makes sense if they broke it into just two parts. That way, the film is not rushed and they can stay more faithful to the book. I am surprised they broke it into three parts. That just seems like a bid for more money.
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