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Ok so first I don't consider myself having a bias BUT if I had to choose one person it would probably be my lovely V, isn't he cute??? I love him so much!!! <3 But lets start wrecking your bias list kekeke~
So first ALL THE BANGTAN MEMBERS ARE FREAKING BIAS WRECKERS!!!!! I don't know about you but in my opinion I think they are the kings of Bias Wrecking, how can these 7 adorable weirdos ruin your bias list??? Easy...being sexy, cute, and adorable all at the same time T.T
Even though he's not in MBLAQ no more, he still holds a place in the group no matter what. Anyway Lee Joon is another bias wrecker of mine, he has the abs, the voice, the looks, he has it all!! He's so FLAWLESS!!!
JACKSON!!!! OMO what to do with him AIGOOOO~
Ahhhhh the Chinese member Lay *-* he so much of a bias wrecker, I cant even count on how many times he has wrecked my bias list.........
The sexy dancer Kai will wreck your bias list in a heartbeat OMO when he's on stage, the sexy, irresistible Kai comes out, but off stage he's really such a sweetheart, OMO my feels T.T
I wish I could add more but the limit is 5 so my challenge is done!! I want to thank @PasstheSuga for tagging me in this challenge I really did enjoy it!!! I hope you like it and can't wait until there's another challenge!! See you later friends
Credits to the owner of the pictures ;)
@PassTheSuga it was hard and very much of a struggle aish~
Lay Lay!!! I love him so much!! Great list!!!!
Jackson's so funny.. I want to meet him in real life someday. He seems to be one of those people that you can really talk to.
oooh lee joon this guy is amazing
LAYYYYY<3333 He's tied for my ultimate bias. I love that unicorn! Uuugh this list is the worst and I mean that in the BEST way <(ˍ ˍ*)> I need to get my list out but honestly it keeps getting longer and longer....so I'm sitting here trying to pick the best of the worst.....it's hardddd (×_×;
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