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Flatspot/slide help, three questions. If doing a long shutdown slide down a hill, if the board is at 90 degrees but its moving diagonally down the hill will it still flatspot? Also when doing a huge push up slide how do I keep from going 90 degrees? Lastly I want to do a push up speed check I guess it would be, I want to be busting down a hill and go into a pushup slide and hold it for a little bit and come out of it and keep going, how would I do that?
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@jdizzy1000 I'm a regular rider so when you say 45 degree I want the front of my board to be pointed diagonally down the hill during the slide right?
step 1- stop doing push up slides.... step 2- learn standup slides
@AndrewVollmar step 1 learn push up slides and the one handed toe side. Step 2 learn colemans. Step 3 learn sitdown slides. Step 4 start learning heelside stand up slides step 5 toeside stand up slides.
Anyways @AndrewVollmar I have a question when doing a slide, you want the front of the board to be pointed down the hill at a 45 right? I think the reason I was getting flatspots may be that I was going at a 45 with the back of my board pointed down the hill.
My first step was coleman's