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We've all been there. Those early Saturday mornings where you want to lay in bed all day without a care in the world, but you'll feel guilty for wasting an entire day doing absolutely nothing.

You decide to run to your local coffee shop to waste some time, but you don't want to put on a full face of makeup because -- it's Saturday, duh! Your face is still flushed from the night before where you barely made it home because the subways run like snails on Friday nights.

You reluctantly hop out of bed and run to the shower hoping just maybe the pressure from the water will slap some life into your lifeless body.

Much to your surprise the shower helps, but your face is still red, flushed and reads 'restless'.

You tone and moisturize your face, but to no avail you still look like last night.

You want to throw on a little foundation, but the laziness in you says otherwise.
Foundation is too heavy for a coffee run, so you put a little bit of concealer under your eyes to add a little color, throw on a bit of bronzer, powder and a dab of chap stick -- in no time you're ready to go and look like you're alive.


You look like you got a well nights rest without trying too hard.

Although you rather be in bed adding a couple extra hours to your nightly routine --you run out the door, take a selfie and smile because you look beautiful.

Laziness never looked so good.