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Real Name: Lee Yezi
Stage Name: yezi
Nickname: Yazi, or Yez
Group Position: Main Rapper, and Maknae
Date of Birth: August 26, 1994
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Personality: someone who doesn't lie and is self confident ^^
Height: 161 cm - 5'3
Weight: 44 kg - 97 lbs - 6.9 stone

Fun Facts

Yezi's Motto: "Tomorrow, tomorrow the sun will rise"
Role Model: Dynamic Duo (Want's to work with them and be friends with them)
Ideal type: T.O.P., Kim Woobin
Favorite Color: black, red, golden
Favorite Fashion style: hoodie & shorts
Favorite Music: Hip-hop
Favorite Movie: “Sunny”
Favorite Food: chocolate and sweet foods (we have this in common ^^)
Habits: Cheking her nails (nail art)
Hobby: Collecting ball-point pens, nail art, reading, rap, and dance
Favorite Place: Practice room
Other: Is personal friends with IU. On her 2011 album "Last Fantasy", IU thanked both Yezi and Hyemi for being her friends.

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yezi, my favorite female rapper
@MattK95 she's absolutely amazing!!!! I love her so much!
Do I have a slight crush on Yezi? More than likely, she is so cool ^^
@mawile really???!!!!! Wah!!! DAEBAK!!!