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This gif is just because I like it ^^ He's a bias, not a bias wrecker \(^0^)/
This took a lot of thought, blood, sweat, and tears... Well not really but it felt that way!
Honestly it was more like green tea, chocolate, hours, and dancing... ^__^
When I was first challenged to do this list, my initial thought was "Oh! bias wreckers this will be easy", my second thought was "How can anyone wreck my bias list, when they're all my biases already...", and my third thought was "Matty help me, I don't know how to do this..." :3

5. Jackson!!!

So I'm not what you'd call a Got7 fan... don't hate me! I'ts just their music hasn't wowed me yet... Still Jackson is pretty damn awesome, definitely a bias wrecker!

4. Kidoh!!!!

Also not really a fan of Topp Dogg, but Kidoh's rapping is totally Daebak
There are a few reasons why he is one of my bias wreckers...
1. He is a Korean male!
2. He lived in Australia for two years! ^^ Woohoo!!
3. He was a former trainee under BigHit and was training with BTS before switching to Stardom ent.
4. The name Kidoh just sounds cool~ *sigh*
After I finish making this card, Kidoh will officially be a bias, but at least for the time I am making this (Or rather Matt is making it for me whilst I dance and dictate the words to him at the same time) he will be a bias wrecker ^__^

3. Yeri!!!!

While I'm not a big fan of the group, I am a fan of Red Velvet's Yeri, cuz she's so cute, and she's the same age as me!!!!! ^^ plus she's a rapper :D

2. Jonghyun (from CNBLUE)!!!!

I'm currently watching him in the drama Orange Marmalade, and i gotta say... I like what I see, Jung Jae Min can leave, he can totally just walk away. Shi Hoo has the situation under control, and by situation I mean Baek Ma Ri ^^ (anyone else watching this show?)

1. Sebooty :P aka. Sweet Cheeks ;) aka. Sehun!!

The title says it all!!!
Thanks to @PassTheSuga for challenging me to do this, let me tell you it was a challenge O.0
Credit to the owners of these photos and the gif, that I absolutely adore ^^ \(^o^)/
Thanks for helping me Mattchbox (@MattK95) LOVE YOU TO BITS!!! xoxo
Thanks for reading everyone
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Can I have them all as my bias? haha. Why you all so freaking awesome!!!!!
@harmonico Ikr!! :)
I died at Sebooty LOL XD
Jackson!!! <33 I was kind of lukewarm about him until I started watching him on Roommate. He's so silly and fun.
@jiggzy19 Sebooty indeed! lmao I'm so awed by Jackson plus I actually dig every got7 track I've listened to, he's every inch a bias wrecker for me too.