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Ok so no actual walls came down in the process of making this... unless my emotions count as walls...
this is probably more what it looks like... I'm the squirrel and all of the people on this list are the acorn, Tinkerbell represents K-Pop XD (Don't worry, they are tears of joy people :P)
@PassTheSuga I hope you realise how hard this was for me, considering that I don't do biases within groups lol (If I like a group then the whole group is my bias, except on a few rare occasions, I'm looking at you Chanyeol)... basically meaning I have no bias wreckers... regardless, I am very grateful that we only have to do five, I don't know how much more than that I could take lol
some of these people could be considered biases, but they are not from groups that I can call bias groups yet, so I am just going to go ahead and use them as my bias wreckers...
anyway here we go :)

5. Sunny

So Girls Generation aren't really a group that I listen to, other than a few songs here and there. Still for some reason I just think Sunny is so awesome ^^ so I guess now that I think about it, she is a bias wrecker :)

4. Jackson

Not because I'm physically attracted to him, just because he's so cool :)

3. Minwoo

Also can't call myself a huge fan of Boyfriend yet... in my defence I've only heard three of their songs, which I'm sure will change before I go to bed tonight, anyway he's a rapper, and he's awesome XD Plus I would totally rock that outfit :D

2. New Sun

Ok so this girl and her rapping just slay me, not literally, cause I'm still here. Am I the only one her finds her stage name a little weird, yet awesome at the same time? Anyway all you need to know is I love her ^^

1. D.ana

Because OMG she is incredible, I'm gonna need to see a little more from Sonamoo before I can call them a bias group, but this girl, is just... give me a moment... ... ... ... Okay I'm back, after watching her in their music video more than a few times... anyway did I mention she's a rapper, which is just another nail in the coffin for me, I really love her ^^
(so what if I have two Sonamoo members on here... no judging :P)
so this was fun ^^ thanks again for the tag @PassTheSuga and for the emotional breakdown it caused (I'm joking of course) It was actually a lot of fun :D
Credit to the owners of these photos and gifs \(^O^)/
I really only know Jackson and Sunny from this list bc of Roommate lol But i adore them both. They're so likeable. Pretty down to earth people. & how can anybody not love Jackson after the scene with his mom on Roommate? Broke my heart. Lol Great list, Matt! I'll have to check out the others (:
"Ok so this girl and her rapping just slay me, not literally, cause I'm still here." HAHAHA I'm happy you didn't get killed by all your feels, Matt. <3
@poojas agreed :) @aabxo you should they are all worth checking out ^^
Jackson is that guy everyone wants to get to know because he seems so chill and down-to-earth! Great list!
Solid list, my fan man buddy! D.ana is definitely a babe....js. And her tone! I love it because its not only distinct but also seems natural. And yeah I was bit by the Sunny bug for a sec too....and I'm not big into SNSD either ╮(╯_╰)╭
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