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More Speculations

So this is sort of a follow up to @poojas GD Did What? story and to be quite frank nothing is very clear at this point either but it still doesn't look good for my group. So apparently this jeweler, Ben Baller, has called out his ex-friend Harry Kim for not being a good person, for a lack of better words, on Twitter. To make matters more interesting it seems in his tweet while asking ppl not to associate him with Harry, that Harry is in fact an employee at a major label, YG, and is gonna take this major label down with him???? What???? At first I asked myself why he would want ppl to not associate the 2 but in light of the recent drug scandal and GD being a huge suspect in the eyes of many ppl, I remembered Harry's unfortunate relationship with GD oppa and how he is close to the other members. I've gathered some of Ben Baller's suspicious tweets as evidence via Koreaboo. Let's take a look at Ben's venting.
This is the first tweet that started it all. A very ambiguous tweet as well. As far as I knew, no one had been named in this drug scandal except for GD but that's because 'The Fact' are in fact jerks.
Ben continues to vent with this tweet by saying that even though he is an a** but he doesn't cheat the ppl around him. And if this is true (since I don't know him personally) o commend him for not cheating ppl because that is one of many things I can't stand about ppl. BEN BALLER™ ✔@BENBALLER Only bad thing people can say about me is that I'm loud and that I'm an asshole. Never stole or jerked anyone in any business deal. Ever 😎😊 9:28 PM - 26 Jun 2015 50 50 Retweets 92 92 favorites But then that made me wonder if that is what Harry did to ppl and if he did, why would YG even bother keeping him around. They don't need anyone (employees) making them look bad when they already have all of these unnecessary rumors about their artists flying around. It makes me ponder. I wonder what is really going on.
People keep quiet on social media because it's the "classier" thing to do but behind closed doors with the Feds they snitch on their homies😔 >~ Ben, what does this mean? This makes me wonder, if Harry Kim really is a suspect, what exactly is he saying behind closed doors and about who is he saying this? Also, again, why is YG keeping him?
I'm off Twitter. Keep being "classy". I'm gonna keep being loud, but honest and decent while you classy folks lie and deceit "quietly". Oooookay......uhm I'll try to not be "classy" on Twitter.
I give in. No I don't but I'm really confused at Ben Baller's cryptic message. I do genuinely need help breaking this down. First of all, is this really associated with the recent drug scandal like everyone suspects? Secondly, why is YG involved????? Third, if Harry Kim is really the cheating, lying......etc. person that Ben claims, why is he still apart of YG? It's one thing to defend your company, artists, and employees, but if they are creating business problems for you and troubling your artists reputation I don't think they are worth it. And in all of this confusion and bs I'm still wishing Big Bang a safe comeback and that they continue to prove their worth and innocence. Big Bang fighting!!!!!