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Guest: Park Kiyoung, Kim Taewoo, Hwang Chiyeu, Ali, Kim Yeonji, Lee Haeri, Homme
Hwang Chiyeu performs "That Person", he is definitely a vocalist to watch for with his husky voice.
Kim Taewoo performs "Heeya" with so much gusto ... I wanted to be Heeya!
Kim Yeonji's heart wrenching version of "You are another me" has got to be my favourite of the evening. I've had it on repeat since.
Park Kiyoung "Never Ending Story" floats on a cloud of fairytale.
Homme performs the energetic "Today I will" and brings everyone to their feet.
Ali performs "No one else" as no one can ... the powerhouse vocalist captures the crown this evening.
Lee Haeri with surprise guest Shin Yongjae sings "Don't Leave", beautiful harmony leaves you wanting more.
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I always feel like Kim Taewoo is on EVERY EPISODE of this show lol.