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The picture makes this seem like a bad thing wow... I prpmise you it's not though- It's actually exciting! Today at 6:28PM KST Daehyun will be doing a livestream show at this link for his birthday. I know it's kind of short notice since it's going to happen in about 5 hours, but hopefully some of you will see this and enjoy seeing him ^_^
6:28PM in Korea is 5:28AM for me on the East Coast of the US... it's amazing some of the things I do for KPop LOL I'll most likely be screaming/crying on Twitter, so if you miss it or want to join me in the waterworks feel free to follow me @grandpagloss!
@snowinseoul okay! Thank you for the information!! :)
@StephanieDuong There's a video here but it's only the last hour because the stream cut out about 2 hours in... The whole thing was 3 hours since it was technically a concert for the performance school he's attending. I know BAP Subbers on YouTube recorded it to add subs, so there's a chance you can watch the whole thing later on, though!
OMG. I missed it. DANG IT. I miss them so much, it's not even funny. D:
You should check this out! @chelsiec25!
I'm going to have to watch this!!!! I'm so glad that someone was able to put the video up for those of us who missed it.