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PSA: If you miss BAP as much as I do
The picture makes this seem like a bad thing wow... I prpmise you it's not though- It's actually exciting! Today at 6:28PM KST Daehyun will be doing a livestream show at this link for his birthday. I know it's kind of short notice since it's going to happen in about 5 hours, but hopefully some of you will see this and enjoy seeing him ^_^
6:28PM in Korea is 5:28AM for me on the East Coast of the US... it's amazing some of the things I do for KPop LOL I'll most likely be screaming/crying on Twitter, so if you miss it or want to join me in the waterworks feel free to follow me @grandpagloss!
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@StephanieDuong There's a video here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/daehyunbaby but it's only the last hour because the stream cut out about 2 hours in... The whole thing was 3 hours since it was technically a concert for the performance school he's attending. I know BAP Subbers on YouTube recorded it to add subs, so there's a chance you can watch the whole thing later on, though!
I'm going to have to watch this!!!! I'm so glad that someone was able to put the video up for those of us who missed it.