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So I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think I've come up with a list of WMDs aka Weapons of Mass Destruction that pretty much destroy my life. Dearest Kings of my Heart: T.O.P, Lay, Taeyang.....you're still on the winner's podium in my heart. Just look away while mama goes thru this list, my darlings. Look away.....・(/Д`)・
The Boys of 24K Uuuugh....These boys. I followed them since debut. But the thing that fired my interest for this recent comeback was Daeil's choreography version of Wutan's track My Name Is My Name....which pretty much slayed me. Then his release of a solo called Big Shootin' under Vismajor. Which I loooooooved....the chorus was HOT lol. Not for everybody but I loved it. THEN 24K makes their comeback with Hey You....and yeah....I forgot every name on my bias list for the 3 minutes and 7 seconds of that MV. They were all looking so good.... and the addition of 2 masked members (which turned out to be 2 completely adorable cuties...I'm gonna make a card for them soon). If anyone were to ask me who my ultimate bias is directly afterwards......
Baekho from Nu'est Now how can someone be so darn cute but such a big hunk of man at the same time? How does that work? I love this boy. His voice is like velvet on my ears. He's just a TOADAL goober which I happen to like. His laugh....it's borderline annoying but I kinda like that? Yeah....I've got problems Lol. But continuing..... Physically, SCHWING!!!.....I just dig his manliness but he's also pretty much a child. Which is my cross to bear....(╥_╥)
Gray Now this man amazes me. He's just suhhh good. And like I dunno what it is about his face that makes me wanna almost vomit because he's so DAMN attractive.....I think it's because DUHH he's ridiculously good looking but also because he's ridiculously talented. Its a wonder he's not in my top 5 biases....but it just makes life more interesting.
BTS THESE BOYS ARE ULTIMATE LIFE RUINERS....BIAS WRECKERS ECT ECT.....THEY DESTROY EVERYTHING. Buttttt for me personally....the one who does the most damage....it's Jimin. He causes carnage. He was my first bias in BTS but Suga became top dog..... so Jiminie makes me pay for it.
The Boys Of Monsta X Namely I.M who I think has a lot of potential and is just adorable and Wonho who is just plain rude...in the best worst way.....I think I've got like Maknae Mono....or something. Lately it's been the damn maknaes that slay this noona. But anywho.....I'm trying really hard not to straight up bias this group because.....well, frankly, I just don't think I have room in my heart lol ...but somehow I decided to watch their ASC episode.....And aaaiissshh ╯﹏╰ I'm tryna stay strong.
So of course I had to have honorable mentions..... G to the D.....that whole shy boy thing he does during interviews...y'all know what I'm talking about....the soft voice and that smile and the way he looks down and nervously bites his lip *shivers* Giriboy..... he's talented, quirky, a toadal smartass, and good looking? I'll take him.... The Quiett....I don't think I need to explain this one.... Beenzino......No explanation for this man either....
So there's my list of Ultimate Bias wreckers....well I went over by 4 lol....I couldn't rein myself in ヾ(o゜_゜o)ノ....so now imma grab myself a tall cool drink....the thirst has hit me hard. Stay hydrated, children.
Loved this ^^
OMO BTS! They are Daebak!
@xoxoaudra98 Lol I hear ya....I just watched their performance on Music core and yeahhh.....they killed it. Like I should expect any less ♡
Love those weirdos <3 BTS
Great list!!! AND YES BTS IS #1 for me ^^
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