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****WARNING*** BIG RANT if you don't like to take the time to read long rants, then go back to enjoying your day/life If you're ready to read, continue (and also have a good day/life) Hey you!! Yes you, on the other side of this screen!!! What is held in this card is too secret (shhh!!!!) You're amazing and you need to smile as much as humanly possible u know this probably won't get out to many people but whoever is reading this just know that YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!! Life may be beating you up (repeatedly) but you just need to stand tall and be the bigger person!! Any bully will stop what they're doing if you don't let them get to you!! If you're not a victim of life's bully ways, sadly it may come soon or congrats because you survived!! Either way, I'm sure there's someone you know that's struggling right now. Give them a hand up and let them know how amazing they are and to never give up Love you all!!!!❤
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And I forgot to add "Enjoy this crazy pic of Misha Collins😄"
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@MichelleHolly LOL the misha collins pic really added something :P hope you smile a lot today, too!!
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I know right!?! He's just.....yeah😊 And thanks! I'm definitely smiling now 😉
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