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Sooo this happened. Amber of f(X) has guest starred in a video with the people of the popular YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms. While I have no idea how they managed to get Amber (maybe they kidnapped her?), if nothing else it's one more way for Kpop to reach people who otherwise wouldn't know anything about it.
The video itself is a little dull (unless you enjoy watching people act super carnivorous...ew) but at any rate, I'm always excited to see an idol in unexpected places!!
ps: Bart, Geo, Julia, David, Tommy/anyone from the JK crew: call me. I'll totes collab with you <3

Ugh I wish I could collab with them, they're so fun.. I wish they made a better video though just cause Amber was there, I would've been totally fine with a jknews ft Amber.. I mean like u said I don't typically enjoy watching people eat cause it makes me hungry, but it's kinda boring.. I'm glad she was there though
OMG I'm a huge fan of JK films and this is so cool!!!! I always used to watch the EatYourKimchi episodes that Amber appeared in! Thanks for sharing this @DancingPartyTme
Omg now I want a burger.... those burgers are HUGE!!
Yahhh I know right.. @DancingPartyTme
@nielswife I agree. But for now we can hope that this was the only the first video they made with Amber...I find it hard to believe that they didn't do something more with someone as famous as her.
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