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I Love You 3

I Love You 3 - M.Joon.
This song speaks of the great love he has for his parents and is sure to touch people’s hearts with its emotional lyrics.
It is no secret that the people that are and always will be there for us are those who have raised us like our mothers and fathers. They taught us how to walk, how to talk and how to be kind and good hearted people. Sometimes though, that unconditional love is taken for granted and we forget to reciprocate it back. M.Joon takes the time to do just that with this song in order to show his parents how much he cares for them, even though he feels like one song is not enough to do that.The song was composed, produced, arranged and written by M.Joon, giving him full creative control. It’s very soothing as the vocals and rap interlace over a sweet piano melody. He reflects on how when he was young he didn’t think about how all things someday come to an end. Now that he is older and that his parents are sick he is more aware of a future without them.
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